The Book of Daniel

Many assume that the book of Daniel was written after the events described in it, but the information supplied in Daniel actually help to confirm its authenticity. For example historians and theologians for centuries thought that Daniel was incorrect because it mentioned the last king ruling over Babylon was Belshazzar. That was until 1881 when a cylinder seal from the period mentions Belshazzar as the son and heir of Nabonidus.

​​The Nabonidus Cylinder, Author Jona Lendering, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

"He entrusted the 'Camp' to his oldest (son), the firstborn [Belshazzar], the troops everywhere in the country he ordered under his (command). He let (everything) go, entrusted the kingship to him and, himself, he [Nabonidus] started out for a long journey, the (military) forces of Akkad marching with him; he turned towards Tema (deep) in the west."1

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1. Pritchard 1961, p. 313b.